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Discover unique experiences, trendy hotspots, and the most happening events to make your stay in Grand Rapids truly unforgettable. You’re invited to sip, celebrate, dance, and dine — check out upcoming events at the Amway Grand Plaza and neighboring hotels at the Hotel Events Hub!

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What information do I need to prepare before contacting the Amway Grand Plaza?

You need to provide your wedding date, estimated number of attendees and a few alternative dates, if possible.

When should I make my reservation?

We recommend you inform us of your plans as early as possible so that we can recommend a suitable date for the wedding. Please contact our Wedding Specialist for more details.

How much should I pay as a deposit, and when is it due?

The Amway Grand Plaza requires a $2,500 deposit along with a signed contract. 50% of the estimated balance is due one month before the date of the event. The remaining balance is due 7 business days prior to the date of the wedding. Any additional charges incurred during the wedding will be settled after the event.

When should I inform the Hotel of the exact number of guests?

You are required to confirm the final guest count 7 business days prior to the date of the wedding.

Do we have to host our wedding events at the Amway Grand Plaza to receive guest room discounts?

The Amway Grand Plaza welcomes all couples to book a block of rooms for their guests as they enjoy all the celebrations surrounding your beautiful weekend, whether they are taking place at the hotel or somewhere else in Grand Rapids. A minimum of 10 rooms would need to be contracted to be considered for a reduced room rate. All rates, rooms and suites are based on availability.

The hotel boasts several overnight room options. Our spacious Plaza Luxury Suite is the perfect space for bridal parties to gather as they ready for the wonderful day. With just over 1,000 sq ft, there is space to swoon over every moment. Our Tower Luxury Suites are the perfect accommodation for the first, special night; or for the groomsmen to ready and gather.

For couples hosting their wedding in one of our ballrooms, the hotel offers a complimentary standard guestroom or an upgrade to a suite at the group rate for the wedding night.

Can the complimentary room be upgraded?

The complimentary guest room may be upgraded at an additional cost, based on availability. Please contact our Wedding Specialist for more details.

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What wedding or ceremony services can the Amway Grand Plaza provide for my event?

At the Amway Grand Plaza, we provide more than a venue for weddings. We also provide a series of wedding services for a perfect, one-stop experience. Our Wedding Specialists will take care of every detail, from the room layouts and designing your custom wedding menu to working with your vendors to make sure that your event is truly a memorable one. Please see our complete list under Wedding Services.

What other services or items can the Amway Grand Plaza provide for my event?

The Amway Grand Plaza can also provide a wide range of specialty items to help you personalize your event. We can also assist you with delivering welcome baskets, guest room blocks and suite reservations. We recommend that guest room reservations be made for a minimum two-night stay with a check-in time on the night before the wedding and check-out on the day after the wedding. This will eliminate the stress of having to check in and out on the day of the wedding.

The bride, groom and other wedding guests can also enjoy services and treatments at Celeste Salon & Spa. Hair styling, makeup, manicures, pedicures, massages, and couples treatments are all available at the on-site facility.

Costs for all items vary and all services are based on availability.

What are the responsibilities of our Wedding Specialist/Catering Manager?

  • Act as the on-site liaison between you and Hotel operations staff.
  • Establish your guest room block and monitor the status of reservations (if applicable).
  • Personally oversee the details of the bride and groom’s room reservations (if applicable).
  • Recommend Special Event Professionals to provide wedding coordination, music, florist, photography, ceremony officiate, invitations and amenities.
  • Act as menu consultant for all food and beverage selections.
  • Detail your banquet event order and wedding “résumé” outlining all your event specifics and overnight accommodations to ensure that all information is communicated successfully to the operational team of the Hotel.
  • Create an estimate of charges outlining your financial commitments and deposit schedule.
  • Create a floor plan of your function space in order for you to plan and provide the Hotel with your seating arrangements.
  • Oversee the ceremony and reception room(s) setup, food preparation and other Hotel operations.
  • Ensure a seamless transition to the Banquet Captain on the day of your event.
  • Review your banquet checks for accuracy prior to the completion of your final bill.
  • Confirm your ceremony rehearsal time and location within the Hotel (if applicable).
  • Confirm call times and details with all vendors several days prior to the wedding day.
  • Act as the liaison for your wedding vendors.
  • Deliver and arrange ceremony programs, escort cards, place cards, favors and any personal items.
  • Assist with your reception timeline (e.g., grand entrance, first dance, toasts, cake cutting)
  • Coordinate with vendors and the Hotel Banquet Captain to ensure timeliness of your events.

Does the hotel provide guest parking?

The Amway Grand Plaza is pleased to offer self-parking in our ramp or valet parking. Please consult with your Wedding Specialist for current pricing.

What makes an excellent wedding? Are there any key factors to successful weddings?

Reliable & knowledgeable wedding vendors, excellent servers, impeccable reception and fond memories are indispensable elements of a perfect wedding. Each detail, from the choice of venue to wedding favors, requires thoughtful planning. Therefore, detailed thoughtfulness is needed to make perfect weddings.

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How can I choose the food and beverages for my wedding?

We will satisfy your needs no matter the size of your wedding, be it a small, private dinner or a large banquet, providing great selections of appetizers, entrées, desserts and cocktails for buffet, family-style or the traditional seated dinner. Also, our wedding specialists will help you with food-tasting and dish selection.

What can I do if my guests have special requests about food?

We can provide you with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher and other types of food. Please consult with our wedding specialists.

What is the average cost per person for food and beverage at the Amway Grand Plaza?

Based on our current banquet menus, on average you may expect to spend approximately $100 per person exclusive of tax and service charge. These averages include hors d’oeuvres during your welcome reception, recommended wedding menu, wedding cake or dessert buffet station and a four-hour house bar.

Can the Amway Grand Plaza prepare ethnic food items?

The Hotel’s Award-Winning culinary staff has vast experiences with ethnic dishes and will work with you closely to ensure their authenticity.

Can I bring food or beverage from outside?

It is our policy that all food and alcoholic beverages must be provided by the Hotel. Sales and services related to alcoholic beverages are regulated by the Michigan Liquor Commission and The Amway Grand Plaza is responsible for the implementation of those regulations. It is our policy that all alcoholic beverages must be provided by the Hotel.

Please explain what the “food and beverage minimum” means.

The food and beverage minimum is the least amount of money that you are required to spend on a combination of food and beverage, excluding service charge and sales tax, but this does not necessarily comprise all that you can possibly spend. The food and beverage minimum is reached by selecting individually priced a la carte menu items to equal or exceed the required amount in dollars.

The following examples would apply to the food and beverage minimum:

Hors d’oeuvres, food display and carving stations, plated or buffet meal, wedding cake, dessert display stations, wine service with the meal, champagne toast, the bar (including alcohol), cappuccino station and any non-alcoholic beverages.

The food and beverage minimum does not apply to centerpieces, upgraded linens/china/silverware/décor and specialty lighting.

When do I need to finalize my menu?

Food and beverage selections must be finalized and confirmed with your catering manager 4-6 weeks prior to the date of your wedding.

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Can I choose other wedding vendors outside the hotel recommendations?

You are welcome to bring in other wedding vendors outside the hotel’s recommended vendors, such as flower suppliers, gift suppliers and musicians. Please contact our wedding professionals since it may incur extra expenses.

Can I still take wedding photographs inside of the hotel if I chose to hold the wedding outside of the hotel?

We will prioritize the photography session requests made by couples who hold their wedding at our Hotel.

What are your photography guidelines?

These photography guidelines are applicable to all of our Concourse, Lobby, and Ballroom areas:

  • Only hand-held cameras with on-camera flash will be allowed in the public/lobby areas of the hotel.
  • No lighting set-ups in the lobby areas of the hotel to avoid any tripping and "preserve the ambiance of the lobby areas".
  • Hotel furniture and furnishings may not be moved.
  • Most importantly, please keep in mind that the lobby is a public space and guests may likely walk into shots, so please practice patience.
  • Guest Rooms & Suites are private reserved areas for each guest, so you are welcome to use set-ups within these rooms.
  • Unless you are hosting your ceremony or reception in one of our ballrooms, we cannot allow photos to be taken inside these ballrooms.
  • Provide via email the following information: number of guests involved in the shoot, approximate time and length of shoot and areas you will be shooting.

Failure to follow these guidelines can result in removal of the party involved and suspension of future privileges.

Please note that our Security Staff may ask for your information. Please present the email confirmation you are copied on as proof you are cleared to be there.

Please continue to check with us in the future regarding photographing in the Hotel.

Please contact your Wedding Specialist for any other questions or concerns.

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